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Building Waterproof Roof Deckscal: For example, recently a simple $3,800 deck repair turned into a $120,000 project, thanks to dry-rot damage to the framing, shear walls, and decks. That's unfortunate because building a reliable, long-lasting waterproof deck over living space is relatively straightforward when the best practices and materials are used. There are a number of ICC-ESlisted manufacturers of Class A walking deck systems (see Class A Fire-Resistant Walking and Roof deck Systems, facing page).

Vinyl Decking - The Waterproof Deck Solution since 1974 - Vinyl decking. , the original vinyl decking provides. A single product solution for long-lasting waterproof protection; An industry leading warranty that gives real protection to the homeowner; Installation by ONLY trained and authorized installers; An attractive, low-maintenance deck surface in a range of patterns and colors for long-lasting protection from the elements; The perfect solution for elevated decks to provide a dry area below or for flat roof decks over living space.

The D's of Decking - Deflection. Deflection refers to a deck's ability to control surface water and is affected by a number of factors, including slope, drip edges, and diverters. In multi-story buildings where decks or balconies are stacked, the structure below will benefit from the overhang provided by the balcony above. If a deck is designed correctly, water will flow where you want it to go; away from the building into a gutter system or over a drip edge away from the exterior wall system. White Paper - June ...

Waterproof Decking | Professional Deck Builder | Waterproofing ...15 Mar 2017 ... Based in two metro areas, my company builds approximately 160 outdoor living projects per year, ranging from simple, grill-holding 10x10 PT wood decks to many-thousand-square-foot oases with every currently popular design

GAF | Plaza Deck Specialty Roofing SystemSpecialty Roofing - Plaza deck. ... Plazadeck Systems. Expand Your living space... And Help Increase The Resale Value Of Your Property! Choosing a GAF Plazadeck (i.e., walkable) Waterproofing System for your roof or balcony can: Add usable square footage to your property; Increase resale ... The protection layer must physically protect the roof membrane from the surfacing materials installed over it, but must not interfere with positive drainage at the membrane level. It must:.

Extreme Deck Waterproofing System - NAC ProductsThe Extreme deck Waterproofing System combines the stand-alone waterproofing products Strataflex sheet and SubSeal liquid membranes to provide a durable, double layered defense from extreme heat and cold conditions ensuring lasting protection of exterior ... The thin, low-profile system (50 mils dry/<1/4") is a perfect solution for low threshold applications on exterior balconies, decks or most areas over living spaces. ... For other types of finished floors, check with manufacturer.

Rooftop DeckingOne of the most difficult waterproofing scenarios for a roofer is creating a walkable rooftop deck over a wooden substrate. Typically, it has ... That's unfortunate because building a reliable, long-lasting waterproof deck over living space is relatively straightforward when the best practices and materials are used." A number of ... Grant Lawton is the business development manager at Tuff Industries, manufacturer of decking waterproofing brands such as Tufdek and Econodek. He says&nbsp;...

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