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Germany: Green Plastics & Plastics Market - National Association of ...The German plastics industry consists of three main sub-sectors: plastics materials production, plastics processing, and plastics machinery production. plastics Materials. With regard to materials, the German plastics industry, like other oil-dependant industries, saw price increases ... of plastics materials consumed in germany) used in germany, 43% are made of plastics. ... in the automotive industry natural-fiber composites, including wood plastics composites, have already.

Liquid Wood Is Plastic of Tomorrow, Say Scientists | Germany| News ...18 Jan 2009 ... The final product can resemble highly polished wood or have a more matted finish and look like the plastic used in most household items. Reduced sulphur content. Car parts and other durable items made of this bio-plastic already exist, but the chemical hadn't been suitable for household use until now, due to the high content of sulphurous substances used in separating the lignin from the cell fibers. The German researchers were able to reduce the sulphur content ...

Global Trends in Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) - Bio-based News5 Sep 2013 ... nova-institut, Hürth, germany. Global Trends in. wood-plastic. Composites (WPC). Global overview. Generally, there are four main factors that make the use of natural fibres and wood in plastics attractive: (1) they enhance ... tiles are also produced. in Europe the WPC decking market has reached the mature stage, which means lower growth rates for the companies involved. This development is driving producers to look for new areas of application. initially this was.

Reliance partners with Germany's Resysta for wood composite ...27 Apr 2017 ... Resysta is a leading German innovator, and together we will of

UPM ProFi high-performance composite decking for homeownersComposite decking (also known as WPC or wood plastic Composite decking) seemed to offer the solution: natural to the touch, easy to install, and requiring minimal maintenance. ... The UPM ProFi composite decking range is designed and manufactured in Finland, germany and USA. ... The premium UPM ProFi Deck boards are engineered hollow profiles made with technical grade polypropylene allowing all the strength and stiffness of a solid board, but with 30% less weight.

Wood & Plastic A Symbiotic Combination - Plastverarbeiter.de8 Nov 2013 ... The combination of wood and plastic in wood plastic Composites (WPC) has heralded in a plethora of new products in the course of the last 25 years. ... The year 2010 saw the production of some 220,000 tonnes of WPC in Europe, of which some 100,000 tonnes was produced in germany; this material was also sold to industry in Europe, with about 50,000 tonnes going to the automotive industry and 167,000 tonnes being used for patio or deck flooring, fencing, and ...

GERMAN STUDY WOOD vs PLASTIC CUTTING ... - John Boossales@johnboos.com www.johnboos.com. DE in. USA. made in. USA. 1. GERMAN STUDY. wood vs plastic. CUTTinG BOARDS. COMPARATIVE STUDIES ON HYGIENIC QUALITIES OF. wood AND plastic CUTTinG BOARDS in A LABORATORY MODEL. Ulrike Kleiner, Ulrike Lampe. inTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES. in order to ensure food safety, food businesses in Europe must comply with national as well as Europe-wide legal hygienic requirements and regulations.

Wood fibres and wood powders for high-quality wood plastic ...JELUXYL functional wood fibres and powders are widely used and approved for the production of high-performance wood plastic composite (WPC). Three different JELUXYL product categories are available to fulfil all requirements for excellent WPC. JELUXYL WEHO S: fine flours made of pine and fir wood; JELUXYL HW: fibres and granulates made of pine and fir wood; JELUXYL HAHO: flours and granulates made of hardwood. For further information: www.jeluplast.com.

Wood plastic composites - Coloring with performance pigments24 Sep 2014 ... Green coloring energized by LANXESS - in successful use since the 1990s: wood-plastic composites (WPc) are composite materials made of wood fibers and thermopl ... COLORS FOR wood-plastic COMPOSITES 5 coLortHErm cUStom PIgmENtS For LANXESS is A RELIABLE PARTNER LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals group and operates in LANXESS Deutschland GmbH Business Unit inorganic Pigments 47812 Krefeld germany Tel.

WEBER-WPC - Hans Weber Extrudertechnologie - WEBER ExtrusionWPC: the perfect combination of plastic and nature. As a wood plastic composite, WPC is ideal for decking planks, for example. It combines the advantages of plastic with those of wood as a renewable resource. WPC is easier to shape than classic solid wood planks, for instance, while being more ecological than purely artificial products.

Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) Markets in North America, Japan ...wood plastic Composites (WPC). Markets in North America, Japan and Europe with emphasis on germany. Short Version of the nova Study. Authors. Dominik Vogt, Michael Karus, Sven Ortmann, Christin Schmidt, Christian Gahle nova-institut GmbH, September 2005, Update 2006. wood plastic composites (WPC) are a new material group that presently is developing dynamically worldwide with large growth rates. WPC are thermoplastically processible composites made from the ...